Telegram Finally Got Video Calling Feature


Popular messaging application Telegram has received the long-awaited video calling feature with the latest update. The feature is released for both Android and iOS users.

Telegram, which has been gaining more and more users every day since 2013, has brought an important innovation to the application to celebrate its 7th anniversary. The video calling feature, which users who preferred Telegram for messaging, wanted for a long time, finally met with the users.

According to Telegram’s statement, the video calling feature is now available for Android and iOS users. To use the feature, which is still in Alpha stage, it will be enough to enter the profile of the person you want to call and press the ‘Video’ option. However, the feature can be turned on or off at any time in voice calls.

The feature has picture-in-picture support:

The new video calling feature to Telegram supports picture-in-picture to let you take care of other things on your device while talking. In this way, you can make the call into a small frame and continue to handle the tasks on your device while talking to the other person by video.

The new feature of the popular messaging application is protected by end-to-end encryption to ensure security. Users compare the four emojis displayed on their screens to verify the connection. If the emojis match each other, the connection is securely established.

Telegram’s latest innovation was not limited to video calling feature. The application also got new animated emojis. Telegram said in a statement that more features will be added to the application and the application will be developed with future versions. However, it is stated that the group video calling feature will be added to Telegram in the near future.

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The video calling feature showed up in Telegram’s latest beta a few days ago. Another innovation discovered in Telegram’s beta version with the code “v7.0.0” was that Android 11’s Bubbles API would be used. This feature was not included in Telegram’s statement.


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