Telegram: Expected Feature Is Finally Coming

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that Telegram ios version will be updated to support the Group video calling feature in May. The company was originally planned to add the video call property to the messaging service at 2020, but this feature was never implemented. Telegram didn’t finish 2020 without adding an innovation on the video call side at least. A video calls had been added to the end to end-to-end units in August 2020.

The announcement of Durov’s new launch history was naturally shared in the personal telegram channel. Group video calls wrote:

Screen Sharing, Encryption, Noise Blocking, Desktop and Tablet Support – Everything you can expect from a modern video conference tool, but with Telegram level user interface, speed and encryption.

The telegram already offers end-to-end encryption in one-to-one video call, but the company has not clearly approved the property here. We will see whether they plan to present the same in the group video calls in May.

Telegram has grown significantly under the passage of home to work and in a safe desire to stay safely. The company announced that the monthly active user number of 200 million in 2018 has reached 400 million in April 2020. Afterwards, the number of users of Telegram has increased, as a result of the discussions and reactions shown around whatsapp’s renewed privacy agreement.

In fact whatsapp left the Telegram for offering end-to-end encrypted group video calling features. The company has added the group video and audible interview features in 2018.



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