Telegram Expands Payments by The aApp and Launches New Web Versions

Telegram: The messenger Telegram announced yesterday (26) an update on the platform with changes both in the applications for mobile devices and in the web versions.

The main addition was the arrival of the Payments feature for any chat. Merchants can adopt up to eight Telegram partner payment providers, which can be used free of charge for the app. It is also possible to leave additional tips after providing a service, such as delivering a pizza, for example.

Previously, it was necessary to use one of the platform’s payment bots. It is worth remembering that Telegram does not store payment data and releases the API for interested merchants.

Web versions

The developer also launched two new apps for using Telegram without the need for pairing with the cell phone. They are already born compatible with some of the main features of the messenger, such as animated stickers, night mode and folders.

There are two versions, Telegram Web K and Telegram Web Z, and users are invited to test both to choose a preferred one.

More news

In addition, Telegram added other features to the service. One of them is the possibility of Scheduled Voice Chats, with the user setting a date and time for meetings or casual encounters.

A notification reminder notifies you of the appointment’s arrival – and the meeting only begins when the conversation’s owner permits, avoiding delays.

Another new function is that of Miniperfis for Voice Chats: the images of each user have become bigger and it is possible to edit the description of their profile to make it more complete. This information can now be accessed without having to leave a voice chat.

The app even added the pinch gesture feature to zoom in on an image and added a new video player on iOS and Android. Speaking of Google’s mobile operating system, it received new animations that don’t make navigation more cumbersome.



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