Telegram conquers more than 25 million users in 72 hours


On Tuesday (13), Telegram decided to share with its public how the membership of the platform is doing. According to a message sent by the application itself, the solution now has more than 500 million active users – at least 25 million of whom would have entered only in the 72 hours prior to the announcement.

The recent controversy involving WhatsApp explains the arrival of so many people to the competition. Recently, it was announced that, as of February 8, those who wish to continue using the tool must accept the new terms of service and privacy policy, which include, among other actions, data sharing with Facebook.

Otherwise, they will be suspended until they change their mind.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, guaranteed that the information collected by his company will never be monetized and provided new details regarding the boom that is occurring with the messenger.

“These new users come from all over the world. We had peak downloads in the past, over the seven years of our history of respect for privacy. However, this time is different. Exchanging privacy for free services is no longer a people’s desire” , he stated.

What they say out there

Another application that noticed a significant growth in demand was Signal, which now leads the list of downloads from Google Play in several regions, occupying the second place in the list of “Main free apps” in Brazil. The defense attempt published by WhatsApp does not seem to be having any effect.

As not everything is flowers, Telegram is not free from criticism. This is because the company does not drop illegal content shared in conversations and private groups, which led to the dissemination of pornographic material not authorized by those involved.


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