Telegram Announces Features Coming With New Update


One of the most widely used messaging applications, Telegram has announced a new update. We have listed the main innovations added to the application that is frequently preferred by the business community.

As it is known, Telegram is the only mass market messaging application with open source applications. With the new update, the application that maximizes security has added many new features and improvements. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new for iOS and Android operating systems.

Theme Editor 2.0
Using the new theme editor in Chat Settings (Appearance Settings in iOS), you can quickly change the style of items in Telegram chats, add great gradients to both your messages and your background, and quickly share the result of your work with friends after you’ve finished editing.

Send when online
Added the option to schedule messages to be sent when your recipient is online for messages you want delivered at the right time.

View search results as a list
The results you find by typing a keyword from messages sent by a particular person or on a given day will now appear listed on a single page.

Quick switch to night mode
Since 2017, the night mode option has been offered better use in dark places. With the new update it is much easier to turn on, turn off and control the night mode.

Multiple sharing from other applications
It’s now easier to share your content with friends using other apps. Choosing multiple recipients and adding comments when submitting made the application more fun.

And others
When sending videos, we can now determine the video quality ourselves. The option to send a contact has been rearranged so that it no longer covers the entire screen. The Scaling font size option is available throughout the application. It can also filter which browsers we can open sent links to, while checking the storage space used and clearing the cache is now simpler.


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