Telegram Android Version Updated


Telegram developers have updated the Android version of the app. The update brings 4 effective features that will improve the user experience. These innovations come across as search filters, anonymous group managers, channel comments and new animations.

The Android version of Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s strongest competitors, has been updated. The version coded “v7.1.1”, which has been released on the Google Play Store, offers some exciting features for users and Telegram channel managers. In this article, we will talk about the new features introduced with the latest version of Telegram.

The latest version of Telegram offers users 4 important features. These features, which appear as search filters, anonymous group managers, channel comments and new animations, seem to seriously change the Telegram experience.

New features coming to the Android version of Telegram

Search Filters

One of Telegram’s biggest shortcomings was its content search tools. Consumers who have been using Telegram for a long time are already aware of this situation. As such, the developer team introduced the “Search Filters” feature that will improve the user experience with the latest version. Users will be able to make detailed searches using this feature.

The Search Filters feature has been designed in great detail. Using this feature, users can search in all filters such as date, file type, and link. Moreover, developers who want to make search results even more accessible have created different tabs for search results.

Anonymous Administrators

One of Telegram’s new features is for group administrators. With this feature, group administrators will be able to continue messaging by hiding their identity. When users enable the “Stay Anonymous” setting added to the application, they hide their identity in the group they manage. When the feature is turned off, administrators will still be able to reach users with their own names.

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Channel Comments

One of the impressive features in the latest version of Telegram is called Channel Comments. This feature allows messages sent to any Telegram group to be answered under a title. In this way, both the discussions in the groups will not be mixed with each other and all the answers to a discussion topic will be placed under a single heading.

New animations (animated emojis also available)
With the latest Android version of Telegram, users can also start using some new animations and animated emojis. Also, when users press and hold an emoji with the new version, they magnify that emoji. With this feature, users will continue to express their emotions with new animations and animated emojis.


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