Telegram and Signal passed WhatsApp in downloads


The Telegram messenger was the most downloaded application worldwide in January 2021. The information is from the consulting company SensorTower, which released a list of the biggest successes of the Android and iOS digital stores earlier this year – without taking into account the games, which fall into a separate category.

Telegram is the first in the overall ranking, taking the lead in the Google Play Store and the fourth place in the App Store. Another messenger that is surprisingly present is Signal, which took bronze in the same period, and is still the second most downloaded for Android.

Even the Facebook Messenger (in tenth) and the Chinese WeChat (in ninth in the iOS ranking only) appeared, indicating that the month was busy in the chat app sector.

What happened?

The reason for this change is the controversy surrounding the new WhatsApp terms of use, which came as a surprise and caused revolt among users. The reason is a change in certain items related to privacy when contacting business accounts and sending information to third parties. As a result of the revolt, WhatsApp postponed the implementation of the measure until May 2021 – but maintains its position, with one of the directors accusing the situation of being a creation of disinformation.

WhatsApp, which is usually one of the best positioned and dominant apps in the messenger category on the list, ranks fifth in the overall ranking.

It is worth remembering that, because many cell phones already have the app installed, the “wave” of downloads on Telegram and Signal may be just a momentary curiosity or a way to find alternatives. Studies done over the year should show whether the messenger that belongs to Facebook will actually lose a share of users to competitors, who sell themselves as more secure and private.


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