Telegram 8.0.1 Brings Themes For Private Chats and Interactive Emojis


Telegram 8.0.1: Messaging application present today in 53% of smartphones in Brazil, Telegram continues to innovate in its dispute with WhatsApp. After releasing the unlimited live streams feature in an update earlier this month, the messenger has brought more new features in version 8.0.1 released today (20).

Among the improvements already present in Canal Stable, the highlights are the personalization of chats, group reading receipts and audio and video recording of live broadcasts. Visually, the biggest impact comes from animated emojis that are now interactive. Heart, thumbs up, and fireworks appear across the entire screen, and if the chat is open at both ends, animations and vibrations occur simultaneously.

The focus of version 8.0.1 seems to have been the conversations. In addition to emojis and effects, new themes were also introduced, allowing users to customize their personal chats with eight of them, each with colorful message bubbles, on an animated background with unique patterns. The functionality can be accessed from the conversation header > Change colors.

Changes in groups

The changes introduced in the groups seek to make life easier for the administrators, but they also bring benefits for the members. Now you can find out, for example, if a message sent to the group has been read. Before, you only knew this when everyone reads it, but now it’s enough for one participant to read it. And you can even find out who read it by holding down the message.

Administrators gained a tool to record live streams and video chats. In these, you can select between recording only video or recording only audio, or both. Once recording is finished, the files are automatically saved in the group administrator’s saved images folder. 1

Telegram news can now be downloaded in the new version of the app for Android through the Google Play Store. iOS users can find the latest update at this App Store link.


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