Telefonica Vivo wants clarity by Anatel in frequency renewal


In addition to the auction close to the spectrum intended for 5G, another current discussion on this topic is the renewal of frequencies that are currently in the possession of operators for other services. While Anatel advocates an automatic extension, Telefônica Vivo accepts new conditions in the process – without bidding.

This would be in line with the authorization given by the National Congress in 2019, based on the Teles Law. However, the operator still wants the agency to be clear about deadlines, conditions related to renewal and ways of paying the burden.

In response to the public consultation created by the regulatory body to prepare the new RUE, the company stated that the desired measures will serve to offer legal and regulatory security to the matter.

“The importance of such issues must be properly considered and addressed by Anatel, in order to provide the legal and regulatory security that the topic requires, of vital importance, especially when considering the medium and long-term investment prospects of the service providers. regulated by that agency. ”

Telefônica Vivo

On the other hand, the company also expects more flexible and less costly regulations on the so-called “secondary market” – that is, companies negotiate spectrum with each other. The intention of the initiative would be not to cancel this practice, but to adopt new rules that are in line with other countries in the matter.

Telefônica Vivo understands that the practice of the secondary market would allow to mitigate the “allocative spectrum inefficiency”.


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