Telecine: LGBTQI+ Pride is Featured in The Month of June in Streaming


Telecine: June is #LGBTQI+ pride month, so streaming Telecine Play, through the curatorship of its catalogue, decided to organize a section with some unmissable titles. These are important films that, in addition to bringing visibility and representation to these minorities, also address historical issues.

Among them, it is possible to cite memorable productions such as The Secret of Brokeback Mountain, released in 2005, and directed by Ang Lee.

The plot follows two cowboys (played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger), who at one point find themselves in love with each other and keep the affair under wraps for years due to their living conditions.

Another film that deserves attention is Portrait of a Young Woman in Flame, released in 2019. Like Ang Lee’s classic, the production, by CĂ©line Sciamma, investigates the ephemeral and romantic relationship of two women in the 18th century, with great delicacy and depth .

LGBTQI+ Pride Month: Telecine promotes content recommendations through social media

On June 28, the LGBTQI+ Pride Day is celebrated internationally. Until then, Telecine will promote on its official Instagram account, meetings of digital influencers with the public to tell stories and experiences related to the productions available in the streaming catalog.

Each week, a guest shares their favorite movie, as well as informing everyone about their personal list so that all subscribers can enjoy it during that month. To start with, content creator Yas Campbell commented on the documentary about Cassia Eller on the social network.

Next Wednesday (9), transsexual podcaster Jonas Maria will talk about the classic musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In the following weeks, Samuel Gomes, Bruna Pimenta and Ana Claudino continue the series.

On closed television, the Touch and Cult channels will dedicate their programming on June 28 to show the titles selected by the curatorship. Telecine Play offers 30 days free for new subscribers. Don’t miss it!


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