What is Teknestop? Is It Possible To Make A World Tour With Teknestop?


For Teknestop, first of all, you need to do very good research, be flexible on dates and be lucky. If you’ve accomplished all this, you’ll set sail for a difficult but spectacular adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teknestop

What is Teknestop?

The only difference from hitchhiking is that the boat is pulled to the boat, not to the car. In other words, a boat going on a cruise will take you from one place to another in return for your work force.

Is Training Necessary?

Training is not a must for making Teknestop, but it is necessary. You will cross the ocean, you will cruise the vast seas. It would be a great advantage to be educated about the boat and the maritime. It will make you trust yourself.

When is it done?

Dates should be determined according to seasons and winds. Find out which seasons are suitable for sailing. For example, from the Canary Islands in October to November, the winds of trade that have been used by mankind for centuries begin to blow and this is the period for crossing the Atlantic. It is not possible to find a single boat to get to the Canary Islands from the opposite direction in the same period, because the winds blow in the opposite direction.

Where to make Teknestop?

It is done directly from the marina or online.

People looking for boats from the marina can go to the management of the marina where they are located and get information about the boats that will get up in the direction they want to go in the near future or leave an advertisement on the board. What comes into play here is the need of the other party and the persuasive ability of the technologist.

It is relatively easy to do online because you can apply at home or at a café. It can be accessed with a click on which features the boat owner is looking for, and the conditions under which he is searching for his crew. Online service sites are divided into paid and free. My personal advice is to use paid ones because paid sites are really serious people who value this job and fewer competitors.

Which Websites To Find Boats?

Is it possible to make money in Teknestop?

Techno is able to make money from the ball, if you are experienced. If you have sailing experience, it is rarely possible to find boats that pay the crew. I know people who are sea lovers and make a living like this.


It is entirely at the discretion of the boat owner whether or not a fee will be charged to the person making the Teknestop. While some boat owners meet up to the flight ticket of the employee whom they consider to be a free labor force, some demand only the food expenses, while others demand money from the employee because he knows that he will gain training and experience to the employee and that the other person cannot obtain such an experience easily.

Which Features are Searched for Teknestop?

To adapt to the team, to make decisions in case of emergency, to be self-sufficient, to be diligent, to follow the captain’s orders and to be eager to learn.