Tekken x Street Fighter Is Not Canceled: Katsuhiro Harada Qualifies His Words And Apologizes


Tekken x Street Fighter: The Japanese creative clarifies that the video’s subtitles were poorly translated; the game is actually frozen or archived. Tekken x Street Fighter appears not to be “dead,” as indicated in the English subtitles of the latest episode of Harada’s Bar Radio, Katsuhiro Harada’s show at his bar. The head of Tekken and general producer of Bandai Namco has explained on the social network Twitter that it is a misunderstanding product of an inaccurate translation of his words. Therefore, the game is not canceled, but frozen. His will is to resume the project at some undetermined time in the future.

Katsuhiro Harada’s explanation of the state of Tekken x Stret Fighter

First of all, Harada has explained where the error comes from. At minute 21:25 of the budding video, the translation given is “dead”, but in reality he explains that what he meant is that he is “on hold” in a hiatus state. What does not change is the progress of the development of the game, with 30% of the progress completed. “For some reason, the meaning of the word ‘Okura-iri’ is ‘Dead project’, but the original meaning of ‘Okura-iri’ is ‘to be filed’ or ‘put in storage,'” he says.

“We are still hopeful that TKxSF will resume its development when there is an opportunity. However, the production of a title like this is not governed only by the convenience of a company in terms of marketing and branding, but also affects the development resources of the two companies, ”he adds; in this case, Bandai Namco (Tekken) and Capcom (Street Fighter), which since the announcement of Street Fighter x Tekken in 2010 – which did see the light of day – have produced different productions and products, each in its own way.

This circumstance shows that Tekken x Street Fighter has not reached the top of the list of priorities of the parties involved, postponing a production that has been expected for a decade. Harada explains, in turn, that the artists and external workers they hired cannot be linked to the project indefinitely, so that in the future that contact would have to be retaken and new rights and conditions signed.

Everything is archived for the moment, which has not been canceled.


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