Tekken X Street Fighter Crossover (yet) Hasn’t Died


Tekken X Street Fighter: It hasn’t even been 24 hours since we noticed that Tekken X Street Fighter was dead and there’s already been some news in this story. But before fans of the fighting game series take to the streets celebrating that “my game is alive!”, producer Katsuhiro Harada also didn’t say the crossover will be released anytime soon. The story is complicated.

Translation error

The confirmation, already unconfirmed, of the death of Tekken X Street Fighter came from a live of the producer himself on his YouTube channel, Harada’s Bar. It turns out that it was all a misinterpretation and translation, from Japanese to English.

The captions said that the project reached 30% and “died”, but what Harada really meant was that the project was paused or shelved. A few hours ago, he himself posted a comment on the video explaining the mess.

Harada talks about various subjects in the live, but the part about Tekken X Street Fighter appears around 17 minutes and then at 21. Watch below:


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