Tekashi 6ix9ine in the hospital: cause caffeine and medicine


Singer Tekashi 6ix9ine is visiting the hospital for taking a lot of medication and abusing caffeine

Hospitalizado Tekashi 6ix9ine por combinar cafeína con medicamento(INSTAGRAM)

Contr * versial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, finally left the problems in prison behind, and is already enjoying his probation after serving his sentence inside his home, however, now it seems that the rapper would have been the victim of an unusual sobr3dos1s : diet p @ stillas and caffeine.

Tekashi was admitted to a hospital in the city of Florida, in the United States, after the reaction caused by the strange combination of both substances according to numerous reports, this Thursday, it was the same Daniel Hernandez, the rapper’s real name, who He told his story to the online site, The Shade Room, a great entertainment site.

It turns out that he had a good scare, because it was exactly last Tuesday that the artist was hospitalized after ingesting caffeine with some diet pills, because everything seems to indicate that he increased the recommended dose and that caused an increase in heart rate and some sweats that led him directly to the emergency room, where he was admitted although his life is not in danger.

According to what the young artist told the site, his sobr3dos1s was the result of combining a cup of coffee with two tablets of “Hydroxycut”, a nutritional supplement, it is a new thermogenic formula for weight loss, with plant extracts, contains high fat burning potential, presumably helps to lose weight, increases energy, improves focus and attention, seems to offer a unique sensory experience, since it increases energy and intensity even after taking only the first d0sis.

So, seeing what was happening to him, “6ix9ine” called the emergency services who came to his home to take him to the hospital, where he was admitted because of the s * stances.


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The rapper admitted that the recommended dose is one pill, so the use of the extra pill accelerated his heart rate, likewise, he reported that he began to “sweat excessively” shortly after consumption, a sign that simply did not seem to him in the absolute and from there the other symptoms that led him to the hospital were triggered.

The New Yorker explained that he has been using these pills because in his imprisoned days he gained weight exponentially, since he weighed approximately 90.7 kilograms and thanks to this new drug he has managed to lose, to date, around 14 kilos.

In addition to this, Tekashi assured that he was not under the influence of any other substance when the incident occurred, since he is on probation, so he is not allowed to consume illicit substances, since the fact would lead him directly to prison again.

Recall that it was in December 2019, when Tekashi 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in prison, however, his release date approached due to various circumstances.

Therefore, later, in March, it was announced that, instead of leaving at the end of this year (2020), he would be released in August, four months before, because “he has been a perfect model of prisoner since he was imprisoned” , according to the statements that the singer’s lawyer gave to the media in his country.

Thus, Tekashi already had 13 months in prison before being sentenced, so his release date would have been in December of this year, but, thanks to the global health contingency, the famous rapper was released even earlier from anticipated.

Therefore, the artist of Mexican descent, served the rest of his sentence from confinement at home, and was under government surveillance the entire time.


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