“Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” Alum Drew Brooks Arrested for Attempted Murder


Brooks, 22, was taken into custody at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee on Wednesday, April 6. He is in custody without bail ahead of a court hearing on Monday, April 18.

Earlier, we confirmed that a graduate of the TV series “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” was arrested by the same sheriff’s department last month for illegal carrying or possession of weapons. After appearing in court on March 15, he was released from custody. The charges were dropped due to lack of witnesses.

Brooks was previously arrested in September 2018 for theft of property. After allegedly violating the conditions of his parole, he was arrested again in April 2020. He was also charged with impersonating another person and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after authorities allegedly found marijuana and alcohol in a car driven by his friend. He was released in July 2020.

“Look who’s out,” Rachel Beaver captioned a recently deleted Instagram post about Brooks and their daughter Hazel at the time. “Hazel and her dad.”

Brooks and Beaver, now 19, made their first appearance on the first season of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant after learning they were expecting their first child together. The two, who have been dating from time to time since February 2019, share Hazel, who is now 3 years old. Although Beaver was initially unsure of Brooks’ paternity, she later confirmed it during an episode in January 2020.

“It’s been a long time since Drew hasn’t even seen or asked about Hazel, and I thought he was gone from my life forever,” she said during a confession for Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant at the time.

By June 2020, the couple broke up, but maintained a co-parenting relationship.

“Glad we left the past behind,” Beaver wrote on Instagram Story at the time. “I know that you love our baby so much, and I am so happy that you are taking steps to change for the better. With love to you… (No, we are not together and do not want to be together, but we are friends and parents.)”

Brooks’ first release from prison was later shown in the third season of the MTV spin-off shortly before he was admitted to a medical facility.

“This isn’t the first time he’s been trying to fix his life, and now that Hazel is getting older, I don’t want her to get hurt if he keeps getting into trouble and he’s not around,” Beaver said during a November interview. Episode 2021. “She doesn’t have to call him ‘daddy’ right away [if he comes to the house] because she doesn’t know who he is.”