Teen Gentlemen’s Tendency To Dress Up For Rise Of Gru Was Great For Tik Tok, But Bad For Movie Theaters


“Minions: The Rise of Gru” has already become a hit, setting records for the 4th of July weekend, despite the fact that the new movie “Minions” is reportedly not so good. The film also became popular on social media thanks to the Gentlemen trend on TikTok, when teenagers attended the film in formal attire. However, it seems that the influence of social media and box office success contradict each other, as cinemas are forced to refund money for tickets because of beautifully dressed guests.

Although one might think that teenagers dressed in their best will also behave in their best way, and in many cases this may seem true, but ABC reports that some of the gentlemen are not as gentle as they used to be. it gets pretty wild in the cinema, disrupting the movie for the rest of the audience.

As expected, the people who bought tickets, actually planning to watch “Minions: The Gru Uprising”, were unhappy that a mosh pit broke out in the middle of their cinema. In the places where this happened, cinemas were forced to fork out. One movie theater apparently ended up paying back $1,300 in one day. Other cinemas prohibit guests in formal attire from watching this particular film, while other cinemas have apparently just decided to stop showing the film entirely.

The people causing the problems seem to be just a subset of a broader trend of Gentlemen. Some, in fact most, just enjoy the silly entertainment when they are going to watch a ridiculous movie, dressed as if they are going to the prom. But some allow this fun to get out of control, as in some cases they call the police.

The fact that movie theaters have to pay significant refunds or even stop showing a movie to avoid getting out of control in the first place is a clear sign that this is all going too far. I hope we all agree that interfering with another person’s enjoyment of a movie at the cinema is too much. The point of movies is to watch a movie together in a dark room full of like-minded people. If everyone wanted to dress up in costumes and make a little noise, that would be one thing, but obviously that’s not what’s going on here.

Whatever the problems are, they probably won’t last too long. While “Minions: The Rise of Gru” was still the number two movie at the box office last weekend, it will continue to fall as other major summer films are released, and social media will certainly shift its focus elsewhere.