Teddy Mellencamp was “not surprised” that Vicky Gunvalson wasn’t asked to return to RHOC: “She’s a lot”


Casting comments. After Teddy Mellencamp’s girlfriend Tamra Judge announced that she was returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County, Teddy was worried about how OC graduate Vicki Gunvalson would react to this news.

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“I can’t imagine [how she takes it],” the 41—year-old former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star said in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, August 3, while promoting her show “Two T’s in a Pod.” . “I think whenever you feel rejection, it’s hard and you have to get over it. But I know that… all I felt was excitement about [Tamra] getting a job that she’s really good at, and I want to support her. But I mean, [Vicky]… she’s a lot.”

Teddy, who left RHOBH after season 10 in September 2020, added that she was “not surprised” that 60-year-old Vicky was not invited to return to the franchise after she was fired after season 14. Tamra, 54, was also fired after that. season, but confirmed her return during the July episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if [Vicky] comes back in some capacity and you start seeing her more often now that Tamra is there,” the Indiana native explained to us. “But… in my opinion, if we see Tamra a little bit without Wiki, it will show Tamra on the other side.”

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In June, Vicky stated that she did not like Teddy during a joint interview with Tamra ahead of the second season of the series “Real Housewives: A Trip for Girls.” Meanwhile, the podcast host believes she has a good idea of why “OG OC” has such a problem with her.

“[It’s] not jealousy of who I am, but jealousy of the closeness that Tamra and I were able to get without much effort,” she shared with us, taking into account Tamra and Vicky’s close friendship that Tamra and Vicky have developed over the years in and out of RHOC. .

Teddy continued, “[Tamra] and I met a couple of times before the podcast, but [how] as soon as we joined forces, we had so much fun, and it was just a casual friendship… and I think [Vicky] could probably feel it. And I think some part of her was annoyed.”

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The former Bravo personality indicated that the owner of Coto Insurance was hostile to her prior to the comments in the interview.

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“Before that, Vicky came to our podcast and told me to my face that she didn’t like me,” the fitness blogger continued. “She [was] like:”I really don’t like you, I’m jealous. How much are you guys paying me to be here?” I’m like… “Do you want me to venmo you?” And then she got mad that I didn’t do it! I’m like, “I’m not paying anyone. Talk to [iHeartRadio].”

Speaking about her podcasting ventures, Teddy attributed the success of “Two T’s and a Pod” to her and Tamra’s ability to “push each other,” especially when discussing housewives.

“Sometimes, even when you’re filming Housewives, you don’t want to go beyond what’s possible because you don’t want to have big consequences,” the California resident explained. — But we’re talking about a TV show. So, I can separate— the same with Tam. We’re just having fun doing it. Besides, it’s Thursday—for “thirsty Thursday”—and it’s about champagne, so you never know what’s going to happen!”

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi


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