Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed also doesn’t know if Season 3 will be his last: “He may have a break and then he’ll be back”


Screams! Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed is currently filming the third season of the hit Apple TV+, but even he doesn’t know if these will be the last episodes.

“Ted Lasso”, Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

“Well, I don’t know. I sincerely don’t know. And I’m not being modest. They openly stated that when they created the show, they outlined three-season arcs for the main characters, but this is pretty common, I think the show should be long-lasting and so on, when you promote the show, the 41-year-old British actor exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Really, who knows? It could just be a break and then come back, or it could be the end, but I don’t know.”

“Ted Lasso.” Apple TV+

Last month, Mohammed’s colleague in the film Brett Goldstein, who is also the screenwriter of the comedy “Fish out of Water”, said that the upcoming season was written as if it was the end. Creator and host Jason Sudeikis also previously said that the series was always planned for only three seasons.

Although his fate is unknown, there is still a lot to learn in the AFC Richmond locker room and beyond. In the finale of the second season, it was revealed that Nathan Shelley from Mohammed joined the coaching staff of rival West Ham United because of his resentment and outbursts of anger towards Ted. Nate’s hair changed from black to completely white to also emphasize the development and decline of his character.

Dating stories of the actors of the TV series “Ted Lasso”

“The romantic part of me would like it to be a redemption story because I feel like the series does it very well,” Mohammed told Us. “But equally, and knowing what I know, and knowing what everyone knows, about how Nate behaved not only with Ted, but with the whole club, and about how inappropriate he was with Keely [Juno Temple], and about the kiss, and about his reaction. to that, when he was just more annoyed by the fact that Roy [Goldstein] wasn’t more annoyed, which is weird and a little narcissistic. I think he might have just gone too far.”

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The series has won several awards since its debut in 2020, winning the Emmy Award in 2021 for Outstanding Comedy Series. Sudeikis, 46, Goldstein, 41, and Hannah Waddingham also received recognition for their work.

“When I read the scripts, I thought, ‘Well, that’s great. And I definitely want to be a part of this show.” When I was going to audition, it was quite clear. When you shoot this, we had a great time and thought, “Oh, I think this is something really new and refreshing.” And this is not a sarcastic, cynical comedy. It seems so beautiful that there is something optimistic and hopeful about it. And so you want it to resonate with people, but you can never anticipate any degree of success, certainly not awards or anything like that. And it wasn’t on anyone’s radar, but obviously when it happens, it’s wonderful. Of course, it’s wonderful, and it’s kind of the cherry on the cake,” the intelligence actor told Us.

“The show really means a lot to people,” he continued. “It probably applies no less to Nate’s journey, I think people were angry about it, but overall at such an encouraging message and spirit of the show. [It’s] a favorite thing and I’m very lucky to be a part of it.”

“Ted Lasso.” Apple TV+

Like the audience, some inspirational quotes from the show remained with Mohammed. “Just be curious and don’t judge,” he said of his favorite. “I just think that if everyone could live like this, there would be much less wars, conflicts, tensions, the world would be much better. And so it feels like a cliche, but it’s something I think about all the time.”

As the show’s production schedule shrinks, Mohammed uses his free time with the cast, and his proximity to the set will come in handy even on his weekends.

Series renewed and cancelled in 2022

“We have an absolute ball. We can communicate a little more. Obviously, there are still quite a few protocols in terms of security and not going crazy, but this is obviously much more sociable than the second season [against the background of COVID]. It was wonderful,” he explained to Us. “I also live in Richmond. I’ve been living in Richmond since 2014. So when we shoot in Richmond, for example, on the greens, regardless of whether I’m on that day or not, if they then go to the pub, because they finish work at seven o’clock. Watch, I’ll go downstairs and we’ll have a drink. These moments are beautiful.”

It is reported that the third season of Ted Lasso is due to be released in 2023.