Ted Lasso: Season 2 Has New Trailer Released


Ted Lasso: This Monday (21), fans of the comedy Ted Lasso were able to check out an unreleased trailer for the 2nd season of the Apple TV+ series. The production is expected to start distributing its new episodes on July 23 via streaming, promising great emotions and a lot of fun for viewers.

Focused on the saga of the main character (played by Jason Sudeikis), the 2nd season should address the relegation of AFC Richmond and the consequences of the actions of Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) in charge of the team. The cast also features guest appearances by Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Sarah Niles, Phil Dunster and Nick Mohammed.

As the images released show, Ted remains optimistic about the team he is coaching. In this way, the character will do everything to build new tactics and fancy moves that can help players figure out how to win and return to the Premiere League.

Check out the full trailer below:

Ted Lasso: Learn more about Season 2 of the series

There are some very interesting details that should mark the season 2 airing of the series. The first of them refers to the introduction of Led Tasso, a kind of alter-ego of Ted, which appears to be quite different from the original.

While Ted is calm and optimistic, his new version presents himself in a more energetic way, with tougher speech and conveying a certain rigidity in his actions. Obviously, a lot of confusion awaits the characters, especially because of these unusual aspects that permeate the plot.

In that sense, the friendship and partnership of Ted and Rebecca, based on the trailer, continues to grow stronger, bringing an atmosphere of interesting complicity to the screen. The same can be said of Roy (Goldstein) and Keeley (Temple), who will have big surprises throughout the season.

Even before the release of his second batch of episodes, Ted Lasso has already been officially renewed for a 3rd season. About 12 episodes will be streaming from Apple starting July 23rd. So stay tuned for all the news and be sure to check out this release!


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