Tectone Lashes Out at OTK Memes in a Heated Tirade on Twitch: “It’s so cringe-worthy”


OTK member Quake has criticized memes mocking the organization after ruthless jokes in his Twitch chat sparked recent controversy.

In a Twitch clip, Twitch Streamer Tectone was seen angrily ranting about a recent crop of memes, of which OTK was a punching bag.

“My wife just left me, I don’t look good,” the streamer gave an example, saying in response: “It’s so disgusting.”

Despite the light nature of the meme, it is quite clear that it has provoked a response, since Tectone did not like being dragged into the recent OTK controversy.

“What the fuck do I have to do with someone else’s actions?” he said. “Do you think I have mind control over the other participants? Do you think I have something to do with something else? B*** no!”

The responses to the rant were also not very sympathetic to the streamer, as viewers continued to spam the meme and many others like it.

“If you don’t want people to create memes about your organization, then don’t have several scandals with different participants one after another,” said a Reddit user in a discussion thread of the clip.

This rant comes when the organization is dealing with a maelstrom of contradictions. Twitch streamer and OTK co-founder Mizkif was put on leave as historical remarks surfaced. A subsequent investigation into the allegations found him not guilty.

Additionally, co-founder Rich Campbell resigned after sexual harassment allegations surfaced just three months after his OTK colleague Mizkif was put on leave.

Adding salt to the wound, one of their biggest creators, Yschlatt, announced his departure from the organization.

Obviously, Quake is not too happy with being associated with these situations, and sought to distance himself from the drama by lashing out at those in his Twitch chat.


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