Technology World Announces That It Has Adopted Bitcoin


Eoghan McCabe, co-founder and president of the United States-based software company Intercom, announced in a tweet today that he has completely adopted Bitcoin after “years of struggle”. McCabe invited people to follow in his footsteps.

McCabe Adopts Bitcoin

Bitcoin support statements by Paul Tudor Jones, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, and Stanley Druckenmiller have created a small trend. Eoghan McCabe was the last person to join this trend.

The Intercom co-founder did not disclose exactly what led him to the leading cryptocurrency. However, he said he heard the podcast interview between Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp) and CEO of Parallax Digital Robert Breedlove and found it “fun and interesting”.

McCabe also did not disclose how much Bitcoin he bought. That said, he said Bitcoin investors should keep their Bitcoins.

Intercom Not Accepting Bitcoin Yet

Given Bitcoin’s spectacular rally to over $ 16,000, it’s not surprising that bigger names are interested in the asset. Public companies such as Square, MicroStrategy, and Stone Ridge have converted some of their excess cash reserves into Bitcoin in the face of the dollar devaluation.

However, McCabe stated that Intercom will not yet adopt Bitcoin as a primary treasury reserve asset. McCabe pointed out that there is a big difference between a company’s founder believing something is a good idea and the company taking any action.

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