Technology is essential to promote compliance


Intel and Lenovo conducted a worldwide survey which revealed that technology will play a key role in promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I), within the workplace in the future.

The study seeks to understand how people globally see these two issues in their personal and professional lives, in addition to understanding how to understand that the tech environment can solve the problems of inequality.

Key data

According to 89% of respondents in China and 75% in the United States, a company’s diversity and inclusion policies are “extremely” or “very” important when deciding which job to apply for or accept. .

Parents in the U.S. are more likely to view flexible working hours as a major impact of technology in the workplace than those without children. Respondents with higher income levels tend to agree that technology has an “extremely important role” in the best D&I rates in the professional environment.

More than 80% of employees in Brazil and China already agree that Artificial Intelligence can be used to make the work environment more diverse and inclusive. In countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom and Germany, the percentage still remains at half of those interviewed.

“Intel has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion and believes that transparency is essential. The goal is to see our representation reflect the markets and customers we serve. Just as we apply our engineering mindset to create the world’s greatest technological innovations, we do the same with our D&I strategies, using data to support our decisions and sharing them transparently to generate clear accountability and produce great results across the board. sector. We know that, in order to really move forward on the issue of D&I, companies need to work together. And, as a global company, our work cannot be limited to the United States alone. That is why, being two companies with a rich history of collaboration, we decided to extend our partnership and carry out this worldwide research. ”

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Barbara Whye
Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Vice President of Social Impact and Human Resources at Intel


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