Technology to Identify Passengers Showing Symptoms of COVID-19 from Etihad Airways


United Arab Emirates-based airline company Etihad Airways is preparing to implement a very important measure against the COVID-19 outbreak. The company will be able to detect passengers at risk of disease with the Kiosk devices it will install at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Kiosk devices located at almost every airport in the world enable passengers to quickly check-in on their own. Devices, which are especially important for us to save from long queues, have gained much more importance nowadays when we take care to protect our social distance due to coronavirus.

United Arab Emirates-based airline company Etihad Airways is preparing to integrate a brand new technology into these Kiosk devices used for self check-in. The new technology developed by the company with the Australian company Elenium Automation will detect passengers who are medically at risk in real time.

Etihad will detect passengers showing signs of coronavirus with new Kiosk devices
The system, which scans passengers’ heart rate, temperature and breathing rates, provides self-service check-in like traditional Kiosk devices. Devices that are expected to play a crucial role in identifying people with COVID-19 disease will be installed at Etihad’s headquarters at Abu Dhabi International Airport this month.

The technology suspends the check-in process and sends a warning to Etihad staff via teleconference if the passenger detects an extraordinary situation in their health. The staff then contacts the passenger and informs the medical teams against possible medical problems.

The system automatically suspends the check-in process for symptomatic passengers
Etihad Airways’ Head of Field Operations, Jorg Oppermann, said that the technology they will implement will not be used to diagnose medical conditions, but to help identify people with general symptoms. announced that it will start this month.


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