Technology to Highlight the Next 10 Years According to a Strategy Expert: Quantum Computing


Technology to Highlight the Next 10 Years According to a Strategy Expert: Quantum Computing

It is said that quantum computers, quantum computing, will have an impact on human history in the coming years. Bank of America’s strategist said that quantum calculation will mark the 2020s.

Bank of America strategist Haim Israel, the revolutionary feature that will emerge in the 2020s will be quantum calculation, he said. “The iPhone was released in 2007, and we felt its real impact in the 2010s. We will not see the first business applications for quantum computing until the end of the next decade. ”

Strategy expert Haim Israel; He stated that the effect of quantum computing on business will be more radical and revolutionary than the effect of smartphones. Let’s take a closer look at quantum computing.

What is Quantum Calculation?

Quantum computation is a fairly new technology based on quantum theory in physics. Quantum theory, in the simplest way, describes the behavior of subatomic particles and states that these particles can exist in more than one place until they are observed. Quantum computers, like today’s computers, go beyond the storage of zeros and get enormous computing power.

In October, Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., claimed that they completed the calculation in 200 seconds on a 53 qubit quantum computing chip using a quantum computer, which takes 10,000 years on the fastest supercomputer. Amazon said earlier this month that it intends to cooperate with experts to develop quantum computing technologies. IBM and Microsoft are also among the companies that develop quantum computing technologies.

Quantum computation; health services can recreate the Internet of objects and cyber security areas:

Israel; quantum computing would have revolutionary implications in areas such as health care, the Internet of things and cyber security. Pharmaceutical companies will be the first commercial users of these devices, he said, adding that only the quantum computers can solve the pharmaceutical industry’s big data problem.

Quantum computing will also have a major impact on cyber security. Today’s cyber security systems are based on cryptographic algorithms, but with quantum computing these equations can be broken in a very short time. ’Even the most powerful encryption algorithms in the future will weaken significantly by quantum computation, Ok said Okta’s marketing manager, Swaroop Sham.

For investors, Israel said that the first one or two companies that could develop commercially applicable quantum computing in this field could access huge amounts of data. This makes the software of these companies very valuable for customers.

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