Technologies that make our lives easier: Viomi Cyber Rechargeable Vertical Vacuum Cleaner


What does Viomi Cyber offer users, making our lives easier with its performance and capabilities? Here are the details…

Technology continues to make our lives easier. Covering a wide area from everyday communication to financial transactions, this situation also concerns cleaning, which many of us do not like. Viomi, the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to technology and cleaning, attracts attention with its Cyber-charge vertical vacuum cleaner. Here are the details…

What does the Viomi Cyber wireless vertical vacuum Cleaner offer?
Vacuum cleaners are irreplaceable household appliances. The Viomi Cyber rechargeable Vertical Vacuum Cleaner will become your favorite product due to its characteristics and performance. So, what are the features that make this product ahead of its competitors in the market?

Cleaning efficiency is undoubtedly the first criterion that you should consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, rechargeable models of vertical vacuum cleaners require special testing. Fortunately, with Viomi Cyber, performance is no longer an issue. The product, which comes with a 220W motor, has two modes: efficiency and power.

While the efficiency mode copes with simple dirt and dust during prolonged use, the power mode, which turns on when necessary, becomes your biggest helper in the fight against persistent dirt and debris. Its removable 2500 mAh battery provides the necessary cleaning time.

Adapting modern technologies not only for performance, but also for user convenience, Viomi Cyber has a screen where you can see the battery charge rate and various details. This way you can get feedback about situations such as low battery, current performance, or the fullness of your vacuum cleaner’s tank.

With Viomi Cyber, which can perform both wet and dry cleaning at the same time, you can choose depending on the floor and pollution. In addition, unlike many of its competitors on the market, Viomi takes the word “cleaning” seriously and has two different water tanks in this model.

The water moving in the vacuum cleaner during cleaning, when polluted, goes into the waste tank and prevents the use of the same dirty water at another point. Thus, hygiene problems are also eliminated. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of this vacuum cleaner is that it requires minimal maintenance.

Viomi Cyber, which comes with its own station, eliminates the storage and charging problem. The biggest advantage of this station is that it automatically cleans the roller in the vacuum cleaner. The only step you need to do this is to put the product on the station and turn on the cleaning mode.

Entering the cleaning mode, Cyber provides fast rotation and rotation in its shaft, which causes dirt and dirty water to be sucked into the sewage tank. Thus, after emptying the tank again, you can use the vacuum cleaner without worrying about cleaning.


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