Teasers monsters and opening song for Dragon Quest


Another success in the world of role playing games is coming to televisions all over the world. Dragon Quest should win an anime version and will debut in Japan in October this year.

In the new teaser released by Toei Animation, the visuals of the monsters and the opening song of the series were revealed.

Visual of the drawings and opening music

In the first teaser, you can see the young Dai interacting with the monsters of his hometown. The interesting thing presented by the producers in this video is that the anime is relating computer graphics to traditional cartoons, giving a curious depth to the series.

In addition, the production staff confirmed that the music in the background is the opening of the animation. The sound is called Ikiru o suru and is from the Japanese group Macaroni Enpitsu. In the second teaser released, fans also got a taste of what the battles will be like in the new anime.

The new Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

The TV show will actually be a kind of remake. The old show was broadcast on Brazilian open TV in 1990, and was known here as Fly, the little warrior. According to the producers, the plot this time will be more complete, more faithful to the comics and will also bring a conclusion to the story.

The anime opens on October 3 in Japan and there is still no forecast for arrival in Brazil.


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