Teaser released for the next GTA Online update


One of the biggest franchises in the world of video games, GTA is always in the spotlight, either with the version for the new generation of consoles announced this year, or by GTA Online, which continues to receive updates since its launch in 2013. The title is about to gain more content, and there is much to discuss about it.

In recent days, strange events have occurred in the world of GTA Online: bodies attached to suitcases have been found by players near the game’s beaches, in different locations.

Now, the official profile of Rockstar Games on Twitter has published a teaser that has stirred the curiosity of the players. The video, called “El Rubio Dossier”, briefly shows the map of a new island, which contains a huge farm and country house. Check out:

There is not much information in the post, but some details can be noticed. The production cites “John Doe”, which has a connection with an organization called “El Rubio”, whose last known whereabouts was Los Santos Airport. Other than that, the developer maintains secrecy at the moment, with the intention of encouraging its players to discuss theories.

And speaking of theories, there are indications that the teaser possibly refers to GTA 6. The idea was mentioned by the GTA 6 News profile, which recalls leaks from the supposed map of the future Rockstar launch, very similar to the map published in today’s teaser . Still, it is all speculation so far, so look at the information with a little skepticism.

The last major update for GTA Online happened in August, with the Los Santos Summer Special package. With it, the title received 15 new vehicles, 9 new race tracks, a system for creating its own tracks, several new cooperative missions and more.

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