Team Ninja denies plans for Nioh 3


In an interview with The Gamer portal, Fumihiko Yasuda, director of Team Ninja studio and producer of the Nioh franchise, commented on the developer’s future plans and the prospects of his main franchises.

Previously, Yasuda had already informed that he intended to take a break from the Nioh series in 2021, focusing on new projects. Now, during the interview, the producer again indicated that there are no plans for a possible sequel to Nioh 2, but that he intends to turn his eyes to the saga in the undetermined future.

“In terms of a sequel now, Team Ninja would like to focus on new titles, so there really is no plan for Nioh 3 right now,” said Yasuda. “But after creating some new projects and gaining some new experiences and skills from these potential new projects, I would like to come back to the series at some point, use all the experience and new skills that we gained from some new projects and then potentially go back to the series at that point and create an even better game to overcome Nioh and Nioh 2 and to create something even more grand. ”

While the director denied any possibility of bringing Nioh to the Xbox, the producer excited fans about the Ninja Gaiden franchise, stating that the saga has a “long history on Microsoft consoles” and that he plans to see it again on the platform. At the moment, there is still “nothing to announce” about Ryu Hayabusa’s story, but big news may appear in the “near future”, according to Yasuda.

Recent rumors indicate that the studio has been working on an open world title for the new generation, and the matter has not been overlooked by Fumihiko Yasuda, who revealed that “I would like to try an open world style game in the future”, taking advantage of the hardware capabilities like SSDs.

Will Team Ninja come with everything in the coming months? And how is the expectation for a future Ninja Gaiden revival? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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