Team Fortress 2: Two Famous Mods Suspend Your Downloads


Two of the most popular mods for Team Fortress 2 have suspended their downloads due to an “agreement with Valve”. Further details were not released, but in both cases their creators told players not to worry, indicating that they must return in some form soon.

The mods temporarily suspended were Open Fortress and TF2 Classic. The most curious part, as we can see from the tweets above, is that they were posted almost identically, at the exact same moment.

The two tweets basically say the same thing, that the mod was suspended due to a deal with Valve. In the post about TF2 Classic we have more information that this is temporary. The developers of the two mods can’t talk about it anymore, but due to the temporary nature of the suspension and they seem pretty relaxed, speculation has already started.

What many fans imagine is that this agreement with Valve would be a way to bring these mods officially to Steam, or perhaps even to the game itself, as extra modes of play.

The creator of Team Fortress 2 has always been very open with mods – unlike Take-Two, for example. So, it’s not really expected that these mods are being removed from the internet altogether, but we’ll have good news soon. Even more bearing in mind that only downloads are suspended, but players who already have the mods are still able to play with them normally.


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