The team that cloned sheep dolly is working on coronavirus therapy


According to a report by Independent, the team that cloned Sheep Dolly is working on coronavirus therapy this time. According to the report, the team is in talks with the UK government for a possible treatment.

The coronavirus, which has continued to spread without slowing down since last December, is now seen in all countries around the world. Of course, in order to stop a virus that spreads so fast, scientists all over the world are using all their capacities.

There is important news from the UK nowadays that vaccination development efforts against coronavirus are carried out without stopping. According to the news, the scientists in the team that managed to clone Sheep Dolly will be working on a possible treatment to be developed against coronavirus this time.

Possible coronavirus treatment from the team that cloned Sheep Dolly:
According to Independent’s news, the team involved in the cloning of Sheep Dolly is in the process of negotiating with the government for a treatment that will potentially be used on cases with coronavirus. The treatment, which will be released by the team, will use the immune cells of young and healthy volunteers.

In their previous study, researchers at TC Biopharm treated cancer patients with cell infusions that gave them immunity. According to the news of the Daily Telegraph, this method used by researchers can also be used against coronavirus and can give effective results. TC Biopharm Medical Consultant Brian Kelly made the following statement on this topic:

“One of the main challenges of fighting viral infection is to develop something that will attack infected cells, not normal cells. So the solution we came up with was to look at the body’s natural defense against viral infection.

Patients who successfully combat viral infection have expanded their immune systems, and this system continues to be expanded to prevent them from becoming infected again. ”

T cells given by volunteers differ from normal immune cells. Because these cells define the invaders in the body not by relying on foreign protrusions on the surface of the cells, but by detecting the unusual metabolism of viruses. When donor immune cells from the volunteers detect viruses, the cells begin to destroy these viruses.