Teaching him in the street! Anastasiya Kvitko turns Instagram upside down


Anastasiya Kvitko goes out to the street completely dressed and it seems that she is on the beach. The tightness of her clothes makes her body draw, her impressive curves being exposed. A recent photo of the Russian model has short-circuited the brains of her followers, for not understanding how such a level of beauty is possible. More than 200 thousand likes give an approximate of the people who endured the fast beating of their heart.

A blue jeans, black sweater and heels, were the choice of Anastasiya to go out to have fun and go shopping, seeing that it looked majestic, could not miss the opportunity to take a photo of his back showing all his rear. Everything is in sight, without doubt the gym is working ideally. Your body looks like a utopia in reality.

Anastasiya is compared by his followers with a guitar, because his body is very similar. She prefers this to be likened to Kim Kardashian, who she says is far away.

In just over 5 years active as a model, he has achieved more than many others experienced in this environment. His success has to do with the fact that he never tried to adapt to the standard body of the fashion world, but that he gave more strength to his natural attributes.

Anastasiya Kvitko is not completely natural


One of Anastasiya’s main differences was that her body had no traces of cosmetic surgery, however, she revealed one of the touches her face has and that many do not know. Can you imagine what it is about?

In his networks he left the comment that denoted the presence of a touch-up: «I love my lips thanks to you @drmascaro». The fleshy lips of Anastasiya Kvitko are a product of aesthetic medicine, which gives to think that your body has other modifications that it keeps secret.


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