Teacher’s plan was discovered to actually not work


In the first season of La Casa de Papel, the criminal mastermind, the Professor infiltrated the Royal House of the Currency of Spain to carry out an elaborate robbery.

The stage was set for one of the most ambitious heists in crime history. However, a fan of La Casa de Papel discovered an undeniable mistake that could have stopped the heist if it had happened in the real world.

The person discovered that in reality the Central Bank could have responded to the robbery by changing the color and images, rendering the bills stolen by the gang in La Casa de Papel useless.

However, it is fair to say that the Spanish government would have a number of contingencies in place if the world’s biggest heist suddenly looted millions of euros in currency from its own doorstep like at La Casa de Papel.

While the La Casa de Papel series offered a fleeting explanation, the real-world aftermath of a robbery of this magnitude would have been too complex to pull off without a hitch.

Still, several years passed between the second and third installments of La Casa de Papel, so who knows what tricks happened behind the scenes. As the series prepares for its final season, no one can guess what the professor is planning.

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