Teacher gives two hours lesson with silent microphone


A Singapore teacher taught an online class at Zoom for two hours until he realized his microphone was off. The case happened in early February, but it made headlines in local newspapers this week and went viral on TikTok.

The “victim” of the story was Professor Dong Wang, who teaches mathematics at the National University of Singapore. According to the students, at the beginning of the class the educator’s audio was working normally. However, about 10 minutes later none of the students could hear any more than he was explaining.

The university students tried to get the teacher’s attention by turning on their microphones and even making calls to his cell phone. Even so, Wong only realized that he had spoken to himself for two hours at the time of opening the class for questions.

Professor Dong Wang

Professor took a long time to believe that he had spoken to himself for two hours

“So can we finish our class?” Asked Wong after no one asked any questions. “We haven’t heard anything you said since 6:08 pm,” replied a student. “Since when?” Said the professor in disbelief. At that time the clock was already showing close to 20h.

Educator reaction

After finally realizing that he had thrown away almost two hours of class, Wong seems to be hyperventilating. After the momentary shortness of breath, he says he will teach the class again at another time.

In testimony to a Singapore newspaper, one of the students who participated in the video call said that many people lost patience and ended up leaving the class after realizing that the problem would not be solved anytime soon.

“What you see (in the video) is just over 20 students who waited patiently for 2 hours until the teacher returned,” he said.

The same university student also revealed that after what happened, Professor Wong has only been teaching with his cell phone at his side, so that students can call in an emergency like this.


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