TCL To Launch Smart TVs With Google TV In Up To 2 Months, Executive Says


TCL: By 2022, Google TV is expected to completely replace Android TV, both operating systems aimed at smart TVs – and, after Sony, the next manufacturer to adopt the novelty will be TCL, which will announce new models, equipped with the OS, within two months.

In a keynote during the StreamTV Show 2021, Shalini Govil-Pai, vice president of the sector related to the product at the search giant, was the one who gave the tip, as well as explained that streaming on Android TV has doubled in recent times.

Therefore, he joked, Google and its partners, at the end of the year, will have to engage in aggressive marketing to drive the launch.

moderate spoilers

TCL is one of the most popular brands in the United States today, thanks to its affordable prices, highlights 9to5Google, and a large part of its portfolio is based on the Roku platform – something that started to change in 2020, with the arrival of built units about Android TV.

Until then, the only signs of the movement, increasingly consolidated, appeared at CES 2021, an event in which it was stated that a collection with the company’s Google TV would arrive in the North American country sometime in 2021 – sooner or later later, still according to Govil-Pai and his good humor, in another recent interview.


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