TCL smartphone with curled screen appears on video


As soon as we get used to folding cell phones, there are news here and there of fully scrollable screens in and out, as if they were the electronic equivalent of a paper roll. A leaked video from TCL, and published on Twitter on Monday (26), shows a supposed prototype that the company would be working on.

Since TCL started talking about this type of screen earlier this year, we thought there would be some news about it. In September, during IFA 2020, TCL announced a new display technology called NXTPAPER, which theoretically would function as an “electronic paper”, but did not demonstrate the product at the time.

While foldable screens from Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola and Royale are a great solution to size problems, they have two problems: one related to the durability of their materials, and the second is that they cannot be folded and completely flat, demanding that little middle band that creates a gap when the cell phone is folded.

A roll-up display could correct this problem simply by not folding the screen, but wrapping it in a kind of “parchment” that expands as it unfolds and shrinks when we roll the screen. LG employs this technology in its roll-out TVs already commercially available. But it appears that TCL is planning to bring a pocket version of this facility.


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