TCL displays screens with impressive 240 Hz refresh rate


The second International Display Expo 2020 is taking place in Shanghai during the end of June and beginning of August and, among the main attractions of the event, we have the subsidiary CSOT of the manufacturer TCL with the presentation of panels with a high update rate that promises to popularize even more the resource in the coming years.

While the smartphone market is increasingly adhering to the feature, monitors for gamers or audiences looking for superior performance continue to gain more options. This time TCL presented a curved 32-inch monitor with support for Free-Sync and G-Sync technologies in addition to, of course, 240 Hz technology.

The equipment has extremely thin edges and allows more frames per second to be displayed so that they can offer a much more fluid and smooth experience.

TCL also displayed a panel for 10.8 inch tablets at the same rate of 240 Hz. The screen had already been leaked a few months ago with the same circular notch in the upper right corner and a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, but TCL has not officially announced a product prepared for the consumer.

We have already seen the leap from traditional 60 Hz screens to higher rates in recent times, with smartphones with 90 Hz, 120 Hz and even 144 Hz screens being easily found from extremely expensive flagships to highly competitive premium intermediaries.

Although the 240 Hz technology is ready, the value of the implementation in tablets and smartphones is still very expensive and may not be worth so much for companies, at least for now. That said, it is expected that high performance products will continue to implement 120 Hz and 144 Hz panels, leaving the frequency of 240 Hz for next year.

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