TCL demonstrates a new foldable phone concept with Fold n ‘Roll


TCL once again demonstrated the foldable phone concept. This looks like a combination of some flexible concepts that have been exhibited earlier. This product, called Fold ‘n Roll, combines the company’s dragonhinge technology with an expandable display panel. The result is a 6.87-inch phone that can expand to the size of a TCL 8.85-inch phablet or completely transform into a 10-inch tablet. Apart from that, TCL does not provide any other detailed information.

TCL says it is “continuing to explore the technicalities” of this type of device, which does not inspire much confidence that the Fold ‘n Roll will be on the market anytime soon. However, TCL said it plans to launch some type of foldable phone before the end of 2021. The company seems to have no trouble with foldable display concepts. Finally, he showed some concepts at this year’s virtual CES. However, there is a long distance between creating concepts and turning them into mass-market products.

TCL can offer foldable phone models at more affordable price points

Still, TCL might be in a good position to bridge a gap in the collapsible market. There are not many affordable foldable devices. Flexible mobile phones are now mostly reserved for the high end of the market. TCL may be in a good place to offer a less costly option. Samsung pointed to a lower-cost flexible device that will be released soon, but until then, the existing Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 options still seem too expensive.

LG’s rolling screen phone concept could have been designed for a flagship device. But with the manufacturer leaving the smartphone business, we’ll never know if this technology will come to a mid-sized device. If TCL has any intention of offering something more affordable in this space, then it definitely looks like it will seize the appropriate opportunity.


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