TCL announces two new Android tablets: NXTPAPER


TCL introduced two new tablets TCL NXTPAPER and TCL TAB 10s, which will meet the education and entertainment needs of remote workers and students today at CES 2021. Benefiting from the company’s expertise in screen production, NXTPAPER will be the first model of TCL to benefit from NXTPAPER screen technology among the tablets that go on sale. TCL TAB 10s also offers an affordable learning experience with its large screen and stylus pen.

“NXTPAPER stands out as a pioneering example of the Display Greatness philosophy adopted by TCL Mobile with its establishment last year,” said Stefan Streit, Global Marketing General Manager of TCL Communication. It also shows how fast and cost-effective innovative new products of a vertically integrated ecosystem can be produced. said. “This new type of screen will directly benefit remote workers and students by helping to increase productivity, making life easier and protecting the eyes.”


The NXTPAPER technology, which is owned by the company and announced at IFA 2020, which takes place in Berlin in autumn, uses TCL’s innovative technologies to redirect natural light and present vibrant images without any color lacking, blue light or flickering. TCL NXTPAPER display technology offers 25 percent higher contrast compared to most other e-ink tablets. It uses energy 65 percent more efficiently than standard LCD screens. Thus, it provides a more efficient and longer battery life. It also offers improved video replay for learning, work and leisure time.

Specially designed for larger format devices, NXTPAPER provides a full high resolution visual experience like paper. In this way, it significantly reduces eye strain compared to other tablets.


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