Tayshia Adams says her personal life is “almost non-existent” after breaking up with fiance Zach Clark


Myself – for now. Tayshia Adams is “absolutely” in no hurry to start dating again after she broke up with ex-fiance Zach Clark last year.

Season 16 Bachelorette, 31, exclusively told Us Weekly about his personal life at the Mercedes-Benz Oscar 2022 screening party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. “It almost doesn’t exist for me now,” she said on Sunday, March 27. — I really don’t have any desire [for today]. … Maybe in a year.”

Adams continued: “I feel like right now my main focus is on myself, my career, my mental health, my happiness, my family, my friends and really just becoming myself [a person], and I’m really happy with that.”

When asked if she has attracted the attention of any former Bachelor Nation members since her breakup, the California native said she pays little attention to flirtatious flirtations on social media. “I don’t even look at my DM’s,” she told Us. “So no, I don’t. And if they did [DM, I’d say], “Hi, hi. But the girl works, okay? I have nothing to do today.”

Viewers met the phlebotomist during Colton Underwood’s 23rd season of “The Bachelor” in 2019, before she appeared that summer in “Bachelor in Paradise.” In 2020, she was chosen to star in season 16 after Claire Crowley left with her ex Dale Moss two weeks after filming began. Adams and Clark, 38, got engaged during the finale in December 2020.

“I came here because I had to be here, and I came here because I had to fall in love with you,” Clark said during his proposal. “Nothing has seemed so right in my entire life. You helped me experience a love I didn’t know existed. …I love you for being a strong, independent woman who makes everyone better. I love you because you believe in me.”

Almost a year later, we confirmed that the reality TV stars had ended their romance, and a source exclusively reported that there was “noticeable tension” between the duo before they announced their departure.

“Eventually they realized it wasn’t going to work, and their relationship is running its course,” a second insider told us in November 2021, adding that the couple “hadn’t even started planning a wedding” before their breakup.

While she may not be targeting a new fiance right now, Adams has an idea of what qualities she wants to see in a future partner. “Someone strong, supportive, kind, ambitious, empathetic,” she told us on Sunday. “I don’t know. Just a good person.”

After her two-season stint as co-host Caitlin Bristow on “The Bachelorette,” the former Click Bait podcaster is taking a break from the ABC series as Jesse Palmer prepares to replace Chris Harrison for good. Returning to reality TV to meet her mate may not be in Adams’ plans, but it’s not about finding love either.

“You know, dating apps, I don’t think they’re for me,” she explained. “I would like to meet someone organically or with someone a mutual friend, because they are kind of checking someone on you.”