Taylor Swift’s Stage Dive During The Eras Tour Went Viral on TikTok, and Now The Olympic Swimmer Has Commented on It


Taylor Swift not only blew up Swifities and the Internet with her three-hour concert, which embodies all her eras, but also shocked them by literally diving on stage during her performance. Now, after the moment went viral on TikTok, Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky commented on the singer’s jump and “floated” across the stage, and it was perfect.

Fans were shocked when Taylor Swift casually ducked onto her stage during The Eras Tour. After the shocking moment, singer Lavender Haze appeared at the other end of the stage in a completely different costume and entered her Midnights era. There are plenty of other videos from the first two nights of the Eras Tour, and this TikTok from popculturefreakk has over 8 million views, showing how many Swifties were confused by the singer’s little “swimming” behind the scenes.


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This moment went viral on TikTok along with many other moments from her show, for example, with her dance “Bejewled”. News agencies started publishing stories about the dive and wrote that fans were going crazy. Now the Olympic record holder in swimming, who won a gold medal, enters the discussion, commenting on the viral jump of the singer from the stage. Katie Ledecky retweeted a story on Twitter about Swift’s diving and swimming, noting the singer’s impressive endurance:

Katie Ledecky knows something about long-distance swimming, given that she has seven gold medals from the Olympic Games and 19 gold medals from the World Championships. So, when the queen of swimming praises Taylor Swift for diving, swimming and endurance, you realize that the singer is impressive.

What Taylor Swift has managed to do with The Eras Tour is really impressive and requires the stamina she needs to really float around the stage. Those who managed to get a ticket during the Ticketmaster fiasco and attend the opening of the show in Arizona witnessed a three-hour set that included 44 songs. This set consisted of melodies from each of her eras, and for each album she had certain props, scenery, costumes and choreography. So yes, I think Ledecky is right, Taylor Swift is the equivalent of a long—distance swimmer in the music world, and if touring were an Olympic sport, this singer would have a lot of gold medals.

Along with her jumping off the stage, many other moments from Swift’s show (both from herself and the audience) left fans impressed and shocked. From catching Laura Dern and Emma Stone playing at a concert to some people witnessing a marriage proposal during the show, there have been plenty of funny moments that have gone viral. However, Swift’s performance is something that fans are really stunned by, including this iconic jump from the stage.

Thankfully, the Swifties will have the opportunity to see Taylor Swift’s physical feat during the tour as she continues to travel the country hosting her three-hour show that covers all of her current albums and possibly teases the singer’s upcoming Anti-Hero projects.


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