Taylor Swift’s cat is worth more than her Kardashian sister


Taylor Swift’s famous cat Olivia Benson has made so much money that she became richer than several of the Kardashian sisters.

Only a cat owned by Taylor Swift has the potential to become a certified star overnight. Thanks to Swift creating an Instagram account for her cat (Olivia Benson, named after the protagonist of Law & Order: SVU), the latter has become very rich.

Taylor Swift’s pet has made so much money online that she became richer than several of the Kardashian sisters. With this it is clear that Taylor knows how to handle finances very well, not only of her family, but also of her pets.

According to information obtained by La Verdad Noticias, Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia, has a net worth of $ 97 million. Olivia managed to generate this staggering amount of money by appearing in music videos and commercials.

Taylor Swift’s cat vs the Kardashians

According to available figures, Swift’s Olivia made $ 50 million more than some of the Kardashians. By comparison, Khloé Kardashian made just $ 40 million in 2018.

Of course, at least one Kardashian is a billionaire (Kylie Jenner). However, the cat Olivia is still richer than Kim Kardashian, who has a fortune of 72 million dollars.

The pets in the Kardashian house are never really seen on her reality show. Many of their pets have reportedly come and gone over the years, leading some to wonder if the family gives away their pets frequently.

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Only Grumpy Cat beat Olivia Benson

In 2018, Grumpy Cat made his way to become the richest cat at $ 99 million. However, having Taylor Swift’s cat nearly tied with the late Grumpy Cat is quite a feat.

Seeing these figures also shows that cats make the most money over dogs. Perhaps the reason for this is that dogs have been in the limelight of show business for a little longer than cats.


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