Taylor Swift wrote songs for Rihanna and nobody knew!


Did you know that singer Taylor Swift wrote a song for Rihanna under a pseudonym? We tell you everything! Taylor Swift reportedly wrote a song for Rihanna under a nickname!

Taylor Swift revealed that she wrote This Is What Came For, the song by Rihanna and Calvin Harris. She would then have used the nickname of Nils Sjoberg.

In an interview with Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift returned to this 2016 project. Indeed, for Rolling Stone magazine she explained why she had used this false name.

The young woman then explains that she had used a pseudonym so as not to overshadow the work she had done. “When you like what you do but don’t want your name to affect your job, you use a nickname. »She specifies.

Indeed for her her name and her fame would have overshadowed her work. She therefore preferred to hide behind the name of Nils Sjoberg.


“It’s really fun working under a fake name. Taylor Swift admits. She explains that she chose this name because it was the two most popular Swedish first names.

She said then that she wrote the song This Is What You Came For. Rihanna ended up singing it with Calvin Harris.

But Taylor Swift assures us that for a long time no one knew it was her! “I remember hearing that when Prince wrote Manic Monday, you didn’t know it was for several months. »She adds.

During the interview for Rolling Stones, the young woman didn’t just talk about music. Indeed she confided in her long relationship with Joe Alwyn.

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She explains that the young man understands her way of life and supports her. In fact, the singer admits that being famous is not always easy. She gives the example of the paparazzi who follow her constantly.


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