Taylor Swift will soon be at the center of a Netflix documentary: Miss Americana!


Barely thirty years old, Taylor Swift already has several jewels in her crown. All he needed was a documentary devoted to his incredible career!

Ten years after making its first scenes, Taylor Swift will soon be the star of a documentary. A few days after the release of the single “Christmas Tree”, it was the American film festival Sundance that announced the release of Miss Americana. After a preview screening on January 23, 2020, head to Netflix!

Director Lana Wilson is behind this project. We owe him the films A Cure for Fear and After Tiller. She had won an Emmy Award for the latter. Miss Americana also promises to be an event. Described as “gross”, it would include “very significant revelations about one of the most iconic artists of our generation”. Taylor Swift fans should get their money’s worth. Even if she shares many things on social networks, the singer would not have delivered to this point yet.

Devoted to Taylor Swift’s last tour but also to the recording of her latest album, Miss Americana should be full of crisp news. Little is known about this documentary, but it promises to be as striking as the young woman! Will he be solely devoted to his career or will he speak about his private life?

Perhaps he will give pride of place to the conflict which opposed him to his old label. Scooter Braun had indeed tried to ban him from playing his songs at the American Music Awards ceremony. More precisely all those taken from his first six albums… And this while the artist of the decade award was going to be awarded to him. Regardless, Taylor Swift still played the titles she wanted. So there will be something to say in this documentary!


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