Taylor Swift: who is her best friend Abigail Anderson?


Taylor Swift maintains a strong friendship with Abigail Anderson and this is all you need to know about the “Miss Americana” BFF.

Taylor Swift has made many famous friends over the years, including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss, but she will never forget her best friend from adolescence: Abigail Anderson.

The two met as teenagers in Nashville, Tennessee, and while they have both taken totally different career paths, Swift and Anderson have never lost touch.

In fact, Swift involves Anderson in some of the best moments of her career, and Anderson has included Swift in all of her personal milestones as well. If you’re wondering who exactly Abigail Anderson is, she’s so much more than Swift’s best friend.


The Swifties are already familiar with Anderson as he appeared in some of Swift’s early music videos for “Teardrops on My Guitar”, “Picture to Burn” and “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”, all released in 2009 as part of Swift’s self-titled debut album.

Following the release of Taylor Swift, the singer referenced her best friend on her 2009 single “Fifteen” from her second studio album, Fearless. In the song, Swift details how she first experienced heartbreak during her freshman year of high school. Feeling lonely, she suddenly met someone who would become her best friend forever.

“You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail and soon they are best friends,” Swift sings. Shortly after the song’s release, Anderson also starred in Swift’s “Fifteen” music video.

In the next decade of Swift’s career, Anderson continued to be present for her famous friend, including at the 2015 Grammy Awards. She also made another appearance in a music video in Swift’s 2016 video “New Romantics.”

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Taylor Swift loves Abigail Anderson

Clearly, a lot has changed since Swift and Anderson’s high school days. While Swift has become one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Anderson attended the University of Kansas on a swimming scholarship and, since graduating, has been working with World War II veterans to ensure that that they receive adequate compensation.


Swift opened up about her best friend’s career in a 2014 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It couldn’t be more different from my career or Lena [Dunham] ‘s career, but the fact that she is so passionate about what she does allows her to be able to relate to me on that level,” Swift said.

In 2016, Anderson got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Matt Lucier, who is a photographer. The two got married in September 2017 and Swift was one of Anderson’s bridesmaids.

In addition to supporting Swift’s music career, Anderson’s Instagram shows that she enjoys going on vacation with her husband, going to the bar with friends, and walking her dog at the local park.


She is also a huge fan of the Spice Girls, as they are the only group that can get Anderson to join a karaoke session with Swift. Although the lives of the two BFFs couldn’t be more different, they make sure to meet every few months.

Given that Swift and Anderson have been through so much together over the years, it is clear that they will remain friends forever; even the redhead was in Taylor’s documentary, “Miss Americana”, where both reflect on the future and starting a family.

Do you think Taylor and Abigail’s friendship could last many more years? Would you like to have a friendship like theirs? At Somagnews we want to know your opinion.


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