Taylor Swift at war with Scooter Braun: the producer finally answers!


Taylor Swift appealed to his fans to try to calm the confession against the music producer Scooter Braunn. He has never spoken since and finally speaks on the situation. We explain to you!

Since the singer talked about the case that confronts her former producer Scooter Braun, this is the first time he agrees to speak. So it was during the Variety conference, on the entertainment industry that he confided in this. For good reason, Taylor Swift explained the heavy constraint she suffers to her fans. Thus the singer reports to be banned from singing the songs of her last six albums, because Scooter refuses him. It seems he has taken control of all his titles.

The producer reports not being comfortable with the way the singer has said: “I have the feeling of living in a toxic division. People think that, social networks, it’s the right place to dump your bile, instead of talking to the person with whom you are in conflict. I do not like when politicians play that. I do not like anyone playing that. He explains, before he continues disdainfully, “If it means that in the story I’m going to continue being the bad guy, well, I’ll be the bad guy.” But I refuse to participate in this masquerade. ” did he declare.

Indeed, the producer has not appreciated that Taylor Swift informs his fans on social networks. For him, the young woman should have discussed with him not to fuel the conflict. It’s complicated, it could have been handled very easily. But from the moment I receive death threats. Where we call in my workplace and the people on my team are threatened. it’s out of control. A story he takes very seriously, and which earned him the wrath of fans of the singer.

As he explains, Taylor Swift has somehow put him in danger. In particular by linking his fans against him. “We live in a frightening time where the accuser’s word can fall on the ear of an unstable person who risks doing horrible things. This is the stuff we feed with open conflicts in public. All this must be settled privately. To have a conversation. In conclusion, he announces clearly what awaits the young woman. “No conversations, no solutions”. Case to follow!


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