Taylor Swift: The 3 Most Credible Theories About ‘Folklore’


These are the top 3 theories that Taylor Swift fans came up with about ‘Folklore’, the singer’s eighth album.

On July 23, 2020, Taylor Swift surprised her fans by announcing her eighth studio album, ‘Folklore’. Swift’s latest collection of songs arrives less than a year after the release of ‘Lover’.

Every time Swift releases new music, fans try to unravel hidden meanings in her lyrics and music videos. Swift has become known for hiding Easter eggs throughout her work, and ‘Folklore’ was no different.

Some fans believe Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up

Taylor Swift has been dating Joe Alwyn for some time. After having very public relations in the past, Swift has kept many of the details of her relationship with Alwyn private.

Despite the little that is known about Swift’s relationship with the actor, some fans think the sad songs of “Folklore” imply that the two are no longer a couple. However, other fans believe that the subject belongs to the characters of the “teenage love triangle” that Swift created.

William Bowery is Joe Alwyn?

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift  you will know that the singer collaborated with artists like Bon Iver and Jack Antonoff to create ‘Folklore’. Eagle-eyed fans noticed another name in the album’s credits: William Bowery. The name is credited to “Betty” and “Exile”.

Many fans have started to theorize who the mysterious William Bowery is. Some assume it is a pseudonym for Alwyn. The actor’s great-grandfather was a composer named William Alwyn.

Many Swifties believe that the name William Bowery could be Alwyn’s pseudonym, combining his grandfather’s first name with his and Swift’s first date location: the Bowery Hotel in New York.

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Fans think Taylor and Joe are getting married

When fans receive the physical copy of the folklore, they will hear the bonus track that Swift includes called “The Lakes.” There has been a lot of speculation surrounding this song, as many fans believe it will contain a great announcement.

Other Swifties have found possible signs of Swift’s pregnancy in songs like “Peace”. The lyrics “Give you my wild, give you a child” led many fans to think that this song was Swift talking to Alwyn.

When Swift announced the album on Instagram, she said she “poured all her whims, dreams, fears and musings” into the album. It could be that Taylor Swift actually created the album to tell a fictional story. Or it could be your way of sharing great news with your fans.


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