Taylor Swift supports boyfriend Joe Alvin’s new TV show “Conversations with Friends”: “It’s phenomenal”


This is her man. Taylor Swift shared a subtle show of support for boyfriend Joe Alvin during the premiere of his new TV show “Conversations with Friends” on Hulu.

The 32-year-old London Boy singer did not mention her 31-year-old boyfriend in her Instagram story on Sunday, May 15, but added a screenshot of a positive review of the new drama Alvin.

“Hulu conversations with friends breathe new life into Sally Rooney’s best novel,” the headline read. The gif showed Alvin gently pressing a cold beer to Alison Oliver’s face.

Swift simply captioned the image: “I can confirm that it’s phenomenal.” She also added a “out now” sticker.

The limited series follows 21-year-old college student Frances, played by 23-year-old Oliver, as she goes through a series of relationships, including with married man Nick, played by Alvin. The hot drama raises questions about monogamy, but other important viewers of the singer assured from the very beginning that he and his character have very different views on this.

“I think people can do what they want and it makes them happy. I’m obviously happy in a monogamous relationship,” Alvin said during a panel show in February 2022.

The beloved actor, who has been linked to the Grammy winner since May 2017 and recently dodged engagement questions, later revealed he didn’t need to warn Swift about the sex scenes. His girlfriend already knew Rooney’s 2017 story well.

“She’s read the book and she likes the book, so she knows it,” he told Extra in May 2022. “She just can’t be a big fan of the project.”

The series was filmed in Northern Ireland in the spring of 2021, and Swift discreetly visited the set and met Oliver, who earlier this month told London’s Sunday Times that the Pennsylvania native was “absolutely cool” in intimate scenes. Oliver insisted that Swift understand that sex scenes are just “part of Joe’s job” as an actor.

“He’s such a generous actor and I think I learned a lot from watching him work and how he approached his role and prepared for it,” the Irish native said earlier this month. “He just brings such lightness and such sensitivity to this character that I learned so much as I continued. I feel like we both really love our characters, and I think we had a lot of fun exploring their dynamics and acting out scenes between Nick and Frances.”

The leading lady continued: “We’re just such wonderful friends. We instantly merged when we met each other, and it’s so lucky because we spent so much time together, and I just feel so, so lucky that I was able to do this with him.”

Oliver hopes that Rooney’s readers are just as happy with the series. “I think there is pressure to do anything really. There’s so much to do at work, and I’m so lucky to have a job in general, but this one in particular,” she explained exclusively to Us. “Obviously, this is such a favorite book, as well as “Normal People”. But I think you can feel these things at the beginning. But as soon as you start rehearsing and start shooting, you are so immersed in our story, which is different from the story of Normal People and other characters… It’s actually quite difficult to compare them as such.”

All 10 episodes of “Conversations with Friends” are broadcast on Hulu.