Taylor Swift reveals she felt FINISHED when she was 22


Taylor Swift opened up about her legacy and creative crisis when she was 22, and what gave way to “RED”

Taylor Swift has given a new interview where she discusses the process to create her classic fourth studio album, “RED”, and the inspiration behind it.

If you’re Swiftie, Taylor Swift’s latest interview with the podcast, “Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums” was a real feast as she revealed all the details of the album.

Among Taylor Swift’s revelations, she shared that the fan-favorite song, “All Too Well,” was initially 10 minutes long and with more details on the album that reached number 99 on the chart (about what you can read in La Verdad Noticias here).

Taylor Swift’s 22 crisis

In her interview, the Miss Americana star also spoke about the personal fears and doubts she conquered while making “Red” between 2011 and 2012.

“I have always been very aware of my own relevance and mortality. My career began when I was 16 years old releasing albums, so at 22 it already felt like old news,” he explained.

“I was seeing newer, cooler artists come out every week. I was already feeling like, ‘You know, shit. I’m on my fourth album, what can I offer people?'”

And it was at this creative crossroads that the now-Billboard Artist of the Decade decided to go beyond her already established sound to make Red the eclectic classic that it is.

“I was like, ‘No, you know what? I don’t want this to be the part of me that stays in this place musically forever and bores people to death,'” the “Folklore” songwriter said.

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“It was an interesting wrestling match with my own fears of getting stuck, which made Red the fun ride that it ended up being.”



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