Taylor Swift regains rights to her songs after 15 years


About 15 years had to pass for Taylor Swift to regain the rights to the songs on her first six albums.

The story about the struggle to get her lyrics back began when Taylor Swift was 15 years old, after signing an exclusive contract with the Big Machine label that gave her the legal rights to her songs.

At that time, the American company had under its power the rights to the six albums that Taylor Swift had recorded between 2006 and 2017. According to information published by the LMneuquen portal.

However, everything became more complicated when the renowned managers Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, bought part of the shares of Big Machine through an operation that included all their themes.

Taylor Swift couldn’t sing or use her songs

As we had informed you in other articles in Somagnews, the American singer denounced on several occasions that she could not sing her songs, even that she could not use them in her documentary for Netflix.

Despite these restrictions from the record company, Taylor Swift reported that the agreement does not prohibit her from covering her songs, so many surprises are coming very soon.

“It’s about the music that I wrote on the floor of my room and the videos that I dreamed of and paid for with the money I earned playing in bars, then in discos and then in stadiums,” the singer wrote via Twitter.

Taylor Swift has raised 80 million for Folklore

In mid-September, she became the longest-running female singer on the Billboard 200 chart. Her latest album Folklore, released in July 2020, remains at the top for 48 consecutive weeks, one more than Houston

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On its first day it earned more than 80.6 million streams on Spotify, on Apple Music it became the most streamed pop album in 24 hours, and on Amazon Music it set the record for indie and alternative genre streaming.


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