Taylor Swift Recalls “Nightmarish” Screen Test with Eddie Redmayne for “Les Miserables”


Taylor Swift recalled the screen tests she conducted with Eddie Redmayne for the 2012 musical film Les Miserables.

During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show with Redmayne, which will air tonight (October 28), Swift explained that she already knew she would not get a role in the film directed by Tom Hooper, despite auditioning with the actor who played Marius. .

“In fact, I applied for two roles — I had Cosette’s appearance and Eponine’s vocal range, so it was established that I was there well, but not for long,” Swift said. “I wasn’t going to get this role.

“But they asked if I wanted to go to London to audition with Eddie, one of my favorite actors, and I thought: “This is not an experience I’m going to have again in my life.” So I said yes.

She added: “When I got there, they dressed me in a full 19th-century street urchin costume and said they were going to paint my teeth brown, and I thought: “You’re going to do it after I meet Eddie Redmayne, right?”

“But no, they made me look like death, and it became a nightmare. When I met Eddie, I didn’t open my mouth to speak.”

Taylor Swift

Redmayne had his own embarrassment during the screen test. “I thought we were just going to sing to each other— I didn’t know we were going to be in each other’s arms,” the actor said.

“My main memory of this is that I ate pizza and garlic dough balls beforehand, and all I could think about was my garlic breath when Taylor was dying in my arms and I was trying to show emotion.”

Eventually Samantha Barks was cast as Eponine in Les Miserables alongside Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. Swift later landed the role of Bombalurina in Hooper’s 2019 adaptation of Cats.

Last week Swift released her tenth studio album “Midnights” with the singles “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled”. In a four – star review , NME wrote: “After foray into another sound world, after Swift’s return to pure pop music, she’s still twinkling.”


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